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Lutske first had her house renovated and then her restaurant.

After Novo’s renovation of her house to her full satisfaction, Lutske asked them to completely renovate her new restaurant as well:

Our experience with the people from Novo proved to be so good that I did not have think twice when I went looking for an entrepreneur that could completely restyle my restaurant. During the time that our house was renovated, we developed a good relationship with both the craftsmen who took care of all the operational work and the managers who did an excellent job of supporting us.





Lutske says:

Since the restaurant I wanted to start was established in a poorly maintained building, it was a huge undertaking to shape it into my vision: my very first business of my own. It needed to be a light and spacious room, where my guests could enjoy both our culinary delights and the ambiance. Ample space for an open, modern kitchen, scullery and storage room, not to mention sleek finishing.

Because the floor above the premises is designed to be used as living space, the guys from Novo were able to stay there while the work was being done. That cut down on the total renovation costs, and the guys loved having their own home on-site. Eat, sleep and relax on the top floor. Then down the stairs, and straight back to work. In addition, they finished by renovating that living space upstairs, ensuring that I could rent it out later. They worked long hours and worked hard. I saw many different faces during the renovation, but all of them were hard-working craftsmen who knew their trade well. One was more fluent in English or German than the other, but communications always went well. Besides, there is always Google Translate to help out, which also guaranteed some hilarious moments – due to hilarious translations.

It is hardly a surprise that such a large-scale project included a few shadows in addition to all of the successes. Permits that were delayed, floors that proved to be worse than anticipated... I must honestly say that I never got discouraged, due in no small part to the enthusiasm and optimism demonstrated by Novo (by the managers and the labourers alike!). Every problem is tackled effectively, checked thoroughly and resolved appropriately. Those contributions to the brainstorming process proved to be so valuable during renovations. The craftsmanship of Novo astounded me several times. Literally everything needed to be renewed in the building: from installing electricity to mounting a steel construction. They had the right in-house expert for every task.

After a few years, in spite of some setbacks due to the economic crisis, my restaurant is doing very fine. Nice recommendations on Iens and in the Dutch restaurant guide Lekker. I often reminisce about that successful collaboration with Novo when I welcome guests in my restaurant who immediately compliment me on my beautiful establishment.



Other references - quotes

Building extension + complete renovations in Huizen

Submitted by Jeroen on 16 Oct 14  |  9½ years on Marktplaats

Do you want complete control of your renovation? Prefer to determine which building materials are used? Avoid endless debates about ‘additional work’ or ‘that was not the deal’? Then choose Novo! Qualified people that deliver quality, are flexible in implementation, contribute actively by providing suggestions on the best way to carry out the renovations, and are really hard workers who use effective methods. Novo’s men built a new extension to our house, including a complete renovation of the existing house from the ground floor all the way up to the attic. From rough construction, electric wiring and central heating to plastering, painting and carpentry, they can provide a full range of craftsmen, and communication with them is excellent. We were very, very satisfied with the end result, and can recommend Novo very highly!

Complete renovation of a villa in Soest

Submitted by Van Dijk on 15 Oct 14   |  5½ years on Marktplaats

We bought a characteristic detached villa, which in the space of only 4 months was fully renovated from an dilapidated state to a modern, new-looking condition. I recommend Novo to everyone. Each and every one of the Slovak labourers is very capable and willing to help. They work hard and are great at working together in a team. By coordinating their tasks effectively, they hardly lose any hours. Their craftsmen include the painter, the carpenter, the tiler, the plumber, the plasterer, the electrician and the jack of all trades. If there are any additional tasks or follow-up tasks, Novo acts quickly and provides a solution to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Kind regards Martijn

Complete renovations in Gouda

Submitted by Erik on 26 May 12   |  6½ jaar years on Marktplaats

We are very satisfied with Novo. I had already seen how they had tackled my brother’s house, which logically led to the decision to do business with Novo. It was a very big project and Novo provided some excellent contributions to the brainstorming process. Modifications that we wanted were made immediately; nothing was a problem. High praise for the team that did such a fantastic job on our house!! Even the municipal building inspector (who had to check the work because we own a listed historic building) was highly impressed. A feat of superb quality. We will most definitely employ Novo for our next project. The workers were friendly, proper, helpful and the communication was excellent!

Dear Erik, we also greatly enjoyed working with you in Gouda, just like we did last year with your brother in Aalsmeer. Together, we transformed your landmark building into a beautiful home. We wish you all the best and are at the disposal of you, your friends and your family whenever you need us. With kind regards from the Novo team: Matej, Florian, Peter, Alexander & Co.

Complete renovations in Heemstede

Submitted by Sofie & Max on 15 May 12   |  3½ jaar years on Marktplaats

After 3.5 years living in IJburg, we bought a new “old” house again in Heemstede. Novo had been responsible for nicely finishing our newly built home as well.

Now Novo has just finished completely renovating our house from the 1920s in Heemstede, all within the agreed time period. Matej’s team has done some excellent work; we are very pleased with the result. The men work hard and are pleasant to have around. Matej respectfully discussed the noise with the neighbours beforehand, which was very much appreciated.

The entire project (dismantling walls, moving the stairs, replacing all the piping, central heating and electric wiring, installing a new bathroom, and beautiful plastering on all the walls, etc.) took only 5 weeks and all the agreed modifications were very well done. They work lightning-fast, which is why it is important that you have all the materials for the plumbing available before they get started. Drawing up blueprints is also essential, as it avoids confusion about which jobs need to be done.

A friend and a colleague are planning to buy a house that needs complete renovation as well, and I did not hesitate in recommending Novo wholeheartedly.

Thanks guys

Sophie and Max

  Various renovation jobs in Amsterdam

Submitted by Laura K. on 13 May 12   |  2 years on Marktplaats

We commissioned a renovation by Novo twice in the past two years and we are very pleased. They can just about do it all. The first time we commissioned them was for plastering & painting, laying the floors (both tiles and parquet), moving the sockets, and handling preparations for the new kitchen and finishing once it was fitted. The second time it was a complete renovation of the bathroom, constructing a housing for the heating system, and installing a dormer window. The finishing was neatly done and communication was very good throughout the process. We had a number of different craftsmen about the house, all of whom were very professional, hard-working and pleasant. It felt good to be so closely involved with the project.

renovations, bathroom in Amsterdam

Submitted by lodivthof on 01 May 12  |  2 months on Marktplaats

While I was in South America, Novo carried out flawless renovations in my home and stayed in contact through email and Skype. The 2nd bathroom and partitioning of the apartment that I had sketched out on some A4 papers were perfectly understood. To my surprise, the final price actually turned out to be lower than the advance estimate. Nothing but praise and next time I will definitely choose Novo again. Thanks Slavo, Peter and Alexander

  complete renovation in Muiden

Submitted by josdarnault on 30 April 12   |  5 years on Marktplaats

At the end of last year, Novo completely renovated our house in Muiden. Novo’s concept is nothing short of perfect. Novo provides options on how you want it done; do you want to delegate all of it or do you want to play a (larger) role yourself.

We preferred to take on the role of project leader ourselves and (together with the craftsmen from Novo) shop for materials ourselves. They stacked our trolley and we paid the bills. If you want to take on project management, you need to be present regularly.

We went by almost on a daily basis to check on the progress or to see if we needed to go shopping again.

The guys that worked with us were all top craftsmen and willing and able to produce whatever we wanted, however we wanted it. They also provided recommendations on ways to get better results. We loved that. The after-care was also excellent. In short, we are very pleased with Novo!

Dear Jos & Lucky, we also worked very happily in Muiden with you. The expansion turned out beautifully, in a collaboration between your architect and our civil engineer Florian and our labourers. With kind regards from the Novo team Matej, Florian, Peter, Alexander & Co.

Stripping and renovating a house in Utrecht

Submitted by josvandinther on 09 April 12   |  2 years on Marktplaats

Short and sweet: very satisfied!

The building Novo renovated for me was an old, dilapidated city residence that needed to be stripped down to the bare bones. In addition to that, some serious modifications needed to be made in the setup of the house: the bathroom and kitchen needed to be moved to another floor, a door and window needed to be made in existing walls, etc

Because I was staying abroad, I chose the option where Novo provided their own materials and quite often needed to make rather crucial decisions to keep the project moving; if necessary of course in mutual consultation, but without me physically present. Not an ideal situation, but I must say that everything went very well. The recommendations I got from a distance were always carefully considered and could be adopted without exception. I witnessed the result only at the end of the entire project. I was very satisfied. Clearly constructed with the utmost care and craftsmanship. I have never seen a tighter plaster job or better installed electrics, to name just a few aspects.

With a project this size, my expectations were set at finding some teething troubles, but instead they were completely absent. I just had a small problem that popped up after half a year, which Novo easily took care of by sending someone to solve it. Excellent! I would do business with Novo again a next time and I recommend this company wholeheartedly. Preparatory work, implementation and after-care were all more than fine. And the price, let’s not forget that.

Dear Jos, thank you for your positive review! We will be ready for you when you buy something again :-) With kind regards from the Novo team Matej, Florian, Peter, Alexander & Co.


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