If you want a bigger house but do not intend to move, an extension might be the perfect solution. An extension is generally quite similar to an expansion. An expansion can add a surprising amount of space to your house. But what are the possibilities and do you need a building permit? The new building permit rules set by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment have finally been simplified. The website at www.omgevingsloket.nlwww.omgevingsloket.nl outlines the rules in Dutch, but the basic idea is that you can extend the back of your house beyond the 2.5m limit stipulated previously. The limits are often set at developing over half the original back garden, or at an expansion that exceeds 30m2. A building permit is usually required if you want to add an expansion to the front or side of a private house. It is important to review and be aware of these and other aspects before the process starts. Novo would be happy to help you consider the factors.

Novo provides high quality and is still in the most competitive price range on the market:

  • Frame construction extension/expansion at € 16,950 (ex VAT size 2 x 5 m)
  • Frame construction extension/expansion at € 19,950 (ex VAT size 2.5 x 5.5 m)
  • Frame construction extension/expansion at € 29,950 (ex VAT size 3.5 x 6.0 m)

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When preparing, consider the following aspects. What kind of room are you planning to have built? Which materials will be used? Are you planning for extra insulation? And what finishing did you have in mind for the floors and walls? These options are not just for homeowners; tenants can expand their house as well.

It is also good to consider the environment when adding an extension to your house. Including eco-friendly considerations in your plans from the outset not only reduces your environmental impact, but can also boost energy savings and make your home more comfortable. These options are often not much more expensive, which leads to a quick return on investment.

Examples of credited works:

(in Amersfoort, Arnhem and Amstelveen)

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Activities involved in a frame construction extension/expansion:

  • Removing pavement and wooden fences
  • Laying down groundworks
  • Excavating soil and removing it to the skip
  • Installing concrete foundations
  • Creating an insulated concrete floor (beams, pads, floor)
  • Supplying and installing wooden frame walls, including insulation
  • Supplying and installing a masonry façade
  • Supplying and installing a wooden roof, including insulation
  • Moving the existing frames
  • Supplying and installing a wooden fascia board
  • Supplying and installing bituminous roofing
  • Supplying and installing aluminium eaves
  • Supplying and installing 1 rainwater drain above ground level
  • Transferring the existing window and door frames
  • Putting the wooden fences back in place, adapted to the new situation
  • Joining the paving to the expansion

Additional options:

  • Pile driving (€2000)
  • Enlarging the openings in the existing façade (€2800)
  • Supplying and installing two wooden frames with French doors 2mx2.5m (€3600)
  • Supplying and installing sliding doors 4mx2.5m (€4600)
  • Installing 1 light fixture, light switch and two-socket power outlet (€250)
  • Installing an outdoor water tap (€275)
  • Plastering walls and ceiling (€550)
  • Supplying and installing a cement screed (€450)
  • Supplying and installing drywall panels on walls and ceiling (€375)
  • Supplying and installing 2 domed skylights (€1300)
  • Supplying and installing a large skylight (€3200)
  • Finishing the recesses for the window and door frames (€275)
  • Connecting rainwater drain to existing sewer (€250)
  • Producing the structural calculations and drawings (€950)
  • Producing the construction blueprints (€450)

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