Novo specializes in renovating and converting homes. Usually the home in question has recently been purchased and we do all the renovation and conversion work before the new owner moves in.

We are specialized in the following areas:

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  • plastering and masonry,
  • plumbing,
  • tiling
  • carpentry
  • electricity and wiring
  • painting
  • construction
  • complete renovations
  • heating and isolation  

That is why Novo can carry out virtually all types of renovations and conversions. Novo is specialized in work, such as:

  • private houses on plots
  • extentions
  • complete conversions and renovations amongst others:
    • creating extra rooms in an attic: finishing dormer windows, erecting walls, plastering walls, wallpapering and/or painting, laying floors, wiring, putting in wash basins etc.
    • converting bathrooms: increasing the size of your shower or repositioning it, putting in new bathroom furnishings, tiling, lighting, placing ventilation and suction apparatus etc
    • renovating living rooms: finishing living room extensions, plastering walls, wallpapering and/or painting, laying floors, putting in extra wall sockets etc.
    • installing or removing electricity, water or gas
    • preparing groundwork for putting in a kitchen (however, not the actual installation of the kitchen)
    • exterior painting, building patios or terraces, garden lighting etc.
  •  business projetcs in hotels and restaurants, retail en offices.


Novo's unique 'low cost' formula:

Novo can work at such low prices because it has a different approach than most building and renovation companies in the Netherlands. Novo works with 2 different formula's, each is a seperate businessunit:

  1. Novo Renovatie®: for renovation and conversions and finishing of casco projects on the basis of our unique Low-cost formula. An important part of this formula is that we work with an open cost calculation so that you, our customer, always have a full insight in the costs.
  2. Novo Bouw®: Only when building villa's on plots, or doing extentions we work with a casco fixed price formula. After the caso building has been delivered you can continue with our beneficial and unique low-cost formula.

‘Low cost’ formulas are already in operation in many industries, like, for instance, the aviation industry (Easyjet), the retail industry for furniture and furnishings (Ikea), the computer industry (Dell), etc. The underlying basis of all these formulas is similar: low prices by providing the quality the customer desires at low costs and by saving on what the customer does not need. Doing business directly (without the middlemen) and customer participation are often part of this, too. Novo is now introducing a ‘low cost’ formula into the renovation and building conversion world.

Part of the ‘low cost’ formula is that the customer himself or herself takes on the role of building contractor. We call this ‘contracting for yourself’. This is not the same as ‘doing it yourself’ because then the customer actually does the work himself or herself. In the case of ‘contracting for yourself’, the customer does the planning/arranging/purchasing of the materials etc. himself or herself, but the actual work is done by the independant subcontractors at Novo. Novo can be one of the firms hired to do certain jobs and other specialists might be hired to carry out other work (for example, large constructional work, installing central heating systems, putting in meter cupboards and so on). Of course, on every project a teamleader is present, who is in charge of the work and who discusses how the work is progressing. By electing to contract for yourself’, you, the customer, have complete control on how the money is spent. This means that you decide for yourself what you would like to invest in so that you have quality and where you would like to economize. When renovating buildings, there is always a risk of unexpected setbacks. The client is liable for the loss resulting from any unexpected setbacks. It is for this sole reason that Novo is able to offer you low prices.

The low cost formula in short:

  • You, as a customer, ‘contract for yourself’,
  • We work on the basis of an open calculation,
  • We make no profit on materials,
  • We show all labour costs,
  • We are satisfied with low margins,
  • We save costs by providing accommodation on the premises,
  • We work long hours which makes us work more efficiently,
  • We guarantee quality on all the work done by Novo,
  • The client is liable for setbacks or loss. (except for casco fixed-price projects ofcourse)

Why can Novo be quicker and cheaper?:


  1. as a client you can do your own contracting. That way we don’t have to charge you for purchasing materials and project management.
  2. we don’t make a profit on the materials, because you buy these yourself.
  3. we do accept low margins.
  4. we save on time and transportation costs by lodging on site, which also benefits the environment!
  5. we work long days, therefore we work more efficiently.
  6. we work with Slovakian builders and low rates
  7. we don’t charge a risk premium, because the chances of disappointment are minimal but the risk is for the client


  1. the Slovakian subcontractors work 6 weeks onsite and 6 weeks off, just like in the shipping industry and the oil platforms where the employees work 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off. Therefore they are able to work long days.
  2. Dutch contractors, partly due to transportation and to avoid traffic delays, usually reach no more than 30 working hours per week.
  3. we work long days, hence more effeciently and are able to finish projects quicker.

Areas of work we do not do:

Part of our low-cost formula is that we limit our risk and that we focus on what we do best. That's why there are certain types of work we rather not do and prefer to have specialists do them. Like placing dormer windows (although we will finish them off once placed) and we do not place or install kitchens (however, we do prepare all the groundwork such as ensuring that the piping is positioned according to the kitchen supplier’s plans).

The next step

If our way of working appeals to you, you can fill in the application form on our website. Of course, we require your contact details plus certain particulars relating to the building that is to be renovated or converted.
Once we have all these details, we will contact you to arrange an inspection of the premises. During this inspection, we will estimate how many days or weeks it will probably take to complete the work desired. To do this effectively, together we will take a tour of the premises and we will assess each job separately. Once we have completed our tour of the premises, we will immediately be able to offer you an estimate of the costs. We will then come to an agreement on when the job can be started, what the deadline for completion is and whether there are any accommodation facilities for the workers or not.

Many of our customers find us through recommendations of happy customers!

We have over 1000 references throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

We work throughout the Netherlands but we prefer Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Leiden, Amersfoort, Almere, Hoofddorp, Purmerend, Amstelveen, Veenendaal, Hilversum, Bussum, Naarden, Zaandam, Huizen, Diemen, Breukelen, Maarsen, Abcoude, Oudekerk aan de Amstel, Loosdrecht, Vinkeveen, Uithoorn, Meidrecht, Aalsmeer, Lelystad.

We do not work with Polish or Poland self-employed workers, but with Slovakian subcontractors for Slovakia (part of the former Czech Slovakia)

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