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Want to know what your renovation will cost?

Every project is unique. Each project has to be like a diamond; that's the way we build to your satisfaction and build our portfolio!

We have developed a remodeling calculator to give you an idea of what renovations would cost if you work with us.

All our knowledge and experience is incorporated into this calculator. However, the result is still an estimate. It is difficult to predict the costs precisely, since the final costs depend on the degree of detail you want in the finishing, on the one hand, and the degree of quality of the material that you want to process, on the other side. For instance, your materials could be up to 10 times as expensive. In other words, the cheapest toilet at a building supply store would cost about 50 euros... but it's definitely not the quality you want. And the most expensive toilet in a specialty plumbing shop will cost 500 euros... but that's the one really want, if you can afford it.

We have defined this price difference in the factors of "complexity" and "quality". Complexity represents the level of detail in the workmanship and the complexity of the issues involved in the project itself, which therefore has an impact on the number of man-hours. The quality factor is purely related to the price you have to pay for quality material. You can influence these two factors with a slider. Do not expect cheap solutions if you set both sliders to maximum! But you can expect that if you fill out the form accurately, you will have at least a reasonably accurate lower limit.

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