Removing wallpaper


Often there are power sockets in the room where you want to remove the wallpaper. First make sure that the electricity is off. Switch off the fuse in the fusebox first. After that, you can safely remove the wall plates.

With remover solution

1.Wallpaper remover solution
2. Bucket
3. Lambskin roller
4. Sraper or putty knife

Start by filling a bucket with 5 litres of warm water. Add half a litre of remover solution to that. After stirring the mixture thoroughly, apply it to the wall with a lambskin roller. Always start at the top, because this will ensure that the water will be absorbed by the wallpaper properly. Once the entire wall is soaked, wait 10 to 15 minutes until air pockets start to form, then you can start removing the wallpaper. Remove the wallpaper by placing the putty knife behind the wallpaper and scraping it loose. If the wallpaper proves hard to remove, it might be better to use a steamer.

With a steamer

1. Steamer
2. Scraper or putty knife
3. Wallpaper perforating tool (optional)

First fill the steamer with water and make sure that the cap of the reservoir is properly closed. Then switch the machine on and wait until steam comes out. Press the steamer against the wallpaper until it turns soggy. After that, you can remove it easily with a putty knife. In this case as well, it is best to work from the top down. If the wallpaper proves hard to remove, you can also use a perforating tool. Roll this tool over the wallpaper before you start steaming. This will allow the water to reach the back of the wallpaper more easily. If there are any scraps of wallpaper left, it is best to remove those with sandpaper.


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