There are different kinds of floors:

  • Wooden floors
  • Laminate floors


General information

Floor parts

Floor parts are completely made out of wood. Wood is a natural product, as a result of which it is dependent on the air humidity. When wood is absorbing fluid, it’s going to expand and it’s going to shrink in case of drought. This could cause cracks or other alterations. Contrary to parquet floors, wood is more sensitive to this. Though a number of advantages of wood are the durability, the wear-resistance and the easy way to maintain it. After some time wooden floors can be regrated and relubricated, as a result of which they look like being new again.



The wider the floor parts you prefer to choose, the less parts of that particular size can be removed from a tree, resulting in more expensive floor parts. Parquet parts are usually a lot smaller, which means that the costs involved will be lower.

Quality, hardness and dryness of the wood.

There are many different kinds of wood. Hardwood is durable (long lasting), but on the other hand it’s more expensive. With quality floors making a choice of the floor to be bought, be sure to keep the quality in mind. Doing so, play attention to the regularity of the wood pattern (marking), fading of colors and the presence and amount of knots. In case of quality floors the wood is frequently damaged, which doesn’t have to mean that the quality should be poorer. Naturally the price of this kind of wood happens to be somewhat lower. During laying the floor, the wood should be perfectly dry. It’s better to let the floor parts get dry in a natural way than in an artificial way. Some floors have been impregnated (treated with a chemical preservative), as a result of which they are being protected against being affected by mildew, insects or other threats. After a certain time this wood may be getting a bit grey, but it’s durability will surely last longer. Other floors are provided with a special wear layer. The thicker this layer, the longer the floor will remain good looking.

Finishing touch

To be able to lay the floor parts properly, they are often provided with brass and slots. Be aware of the fact that these are not bent or otherwise damaged when buying them. If you want to be sure that your floor is optimally glossy, you surely should take floor parts provided with brass and slots at the long sides as well as at the top sides. There are some disadvantages attached to this laying system, because needing more wood and the difficulty of replacing floor parts makes the whole operation more expensive.

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