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Wallpapering (hanging) is cool, funny and appropriate for every room in the house. From the hall and the living room till the bedroom. Within a few hours you’ll be able to create a truly personal atmosphere. Today's wallpapers offer a wide range of shapes, motifs and textures. The advantage of wallpaper is that you’ll be able to achieve decorative effects using it, which are hardly realizable when using paint. There are different kinds of wallpaper, which will be explained briefly below:


This mostly consists of an top and under layer made of paper. This is a simple kind of wallpaper, which is available in many styles and structures.


This is wallpaper combined with wood fiber. This is a cheap kind of wallpaper, which could be painted all over. There are big differences in the thickness and the quality of the paper and the coarseness of the wood fibres.


This is wallpaper with a top layer made of vinyl and a paper backing. There are two kinds of vinyl wallpaper:

Foamed vinyl: foamed vinyl is a cheaper kind of vinyl with a thick foam layer. It’s a disadvantage that the foam is very sensitive to dirt. This wallpaper is not suitable for rooms where there usually is a lot of dirt and dust, as for example kitchens.

Flat or matt vinyl: these kinds of vinyl have a much more solid top layer and consequently are more durable as well as washable. Flat vinyl is glossier, so it shows a lot of colour nuances. These kinds of vinyl wallpaper are available in a big variety of styles and colour variations.

Fleece wallpaper

This wallpaper is provided with a paper or a vinyl top layer, but with a fleece bottom layer. For this kind of wallpaper, the wall is glued instead of the wallpaper itself. Consequently you won’t need a pasting table, which simplifies the process. Other advantages are having no shrinkage, no blows as well as no soaking time.

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