Basic Style

This style can be described as simple and chic and can be identified by the use of durable materials, simple but good furniture and luxurious finishes. So basic IKEA furniture doesn't enter the equation!

For example The Shakers are very basic; in the 18­th century the Shakers were a religious sect that believed that beauty and perfection could be achieved by a simple and pure lifestyle. This very self-sufficient community had few personal possessions besides their handcrafted furniture made primarily of wood. The basic principle of this style is understated but pleasant and the desire for simplicity, lightness and harmony keeps the chic contemporary 'simple'. However, a room where everything matches down to the colours on the wall is very boring. It's a good idea to have an eye catcher in any room. This can be anything from a nice mirror to a large fireplace. You can already make a statement at the entrance of your home; a lovely spectrum of colours surrounded by a wooden frame is in itself a great paneling! Stone looks fabulous when combined with wood or sisal. Different shades of grey are business-like yet friendly to the eye. Well-made and carefully selected materials create a coherent unity.
Dark sorts of timber such as teak and jatoba can, despite the preference for sober colours, bring class and warmth to your home. By placing your furniture in a tranquil setting they will be captivating and their unique and great quality won't go unnoticed. Chairs and couches can be covered with pure and raw materials such as wool and linen and their cushions have uncomplicated designs.


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