Classical Style

When we say classical we mean rich, warm, glamorous and sophisticated. This style is characterized by an elegant looking interior with baroque and boudoir-like design. Beautiful chandeliers and bling bling shouldn’t be left out, nor should subtle black features and shiny grey velvet be overlooked. Nowadays, you also have "minimal classic” with pure materials, grand gestures and modest colours. Whatever style you prefer, a classical interior always has a certain feeling of richness and sophistication and enforces respect.

The key word of this style is rich. Luckily you don’t need an endless budget to achieve that, because the point is to at least create an image of wealth by focusing on the eye-catching materials, deep and intense colours, shiny metals and large furniture. Many different flavours mean many different options and possibilities within this style. But if you want to hold you just play it safe with solid colours such as gold, silver, purple, dark grey and black. It is especially important that you think of warmth and colour.

On a beautiful floor is all better. Marble is a beautiful product of nature and good to use in combination with an under floor heating, but a nice linoleum floor with marble or speckled light shapes can also have a great effect. Another option, for example, large tiles in dark grey.

Very large models confirmed the feeling of wealth and happiness. Example, a huge fireplace, carpet feet wide, large lamps, large love seats. To a great effect to get it all big and strong. Glamour was in superlative style. Especially with a baroque chandelier make a generous expression. Glamorous objects can your home a sexy look.

To add some excitement you can combine antique dresser with a new-fangled version of the chandelier, packed in a large Perspex cover or with a full frame where you see the lights through fine. If you want to be rich but not too glamorous, you should avoid flashy glimmers. Candles create atmosphere in every home, but in a traditional living space, they are naturally in a large candlestick.



New Classical

There is also a descendant of the classic style, "new classic". This style is equally attractive, but in terms of colour and design is more contemporary. Combining traditional materials with high quality plastics gives an exciting touch. As can best a little glamor to come in handy, with condition that the property is combined with stylish features. So striking a lamp above the dining table substance rather than a crystal chandelier. Or a plastic lamp in a classic form of the antique dresser.

Old Dutch

Former Dutch colours like red ox, mustard yellow, Delfstblauw - give a room an original look. Paint with pure pigments, colours have really happened on the wall. It's also good to add oriental objects such as a graceful brittle colour cap with a cap of linen or a Persian rug. Mirrors make a space look larger. A collection of photo frames in the same colours can add it personal.   

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