Industrial-style home decoration

If a rugged, functional and pure style of decoration suits you, then your choice should be the industrial style. This style is characterised by a spacious design with a strong and confident personality. You could misinterpret the concept of an industrial style of home decoration. Industrial may make you think about rough, cold materials. But a pleasant living atmosphere can also be created with elements such as glass, stainless steel, brick, concrete, aluminium, wood and leather.


The art to creating something beautiful lies in making the right combinations and in the quality of the materials you use. This style comes with a certain emptiness. That makes it important to place the furniture in spots that catch the eye. This certainly does not need to be very expensive. A second-hand couch, an iron chest, or a homemade cabinet crafted out of driftwood all fit nicely into this style. You will need to realise that furniture in this interior will stand out more than in a more crowded interior. You should only place furniture that you really like.

Colours that fit this style well are white, natural wood, grey, black and metal. Add some contrasting colours such as yellow, red or blue. It is important, however, that these colours do not become too dominant, ensuring that it stays spacious and sleek. An important role in the industrial style is reserved for the materials. The beauty of this lifestyle, surprisingly enough, is that everything seems to come to life. Consider for instance a wooden table on a poured concrete floor. Next to the smooth frame of the couch, the shaggy fur of the sheepskin creates a beautiful piece of art. A brick wall looks beautiful due to its essential purity. On a hocker, the weave motif comes into its own better than ever before. With every style of interior design, it is important to pay attention to the finishing, but that aspect is especially important in this style. Because of the lack of knickknacks, a nice piece of wall or a seamlessly laid floor is far more important than usual.

This style works well with several different types of floors. Consider for instance a poured screed in a concrete look or made of high-gloss epoxy, high-quality vinyl or linoleum. You can even opt for wide oak planks; all these options are fine, as long as you take care not to crowd the room. The details will stand out all on their own. A raised skirting board, a throw on the couch, a large vase on the floor. These kinds of additions take a prominent place, because the rest stays quite sober.

Lighting provides atmosphere, and a carefully planned lighting design is necessary for a pleasant living space. It is much nicer to create multiple light sources in the room rather than one strong light source for the entire room. With this style, it is important to not overcrowd the room, with the exception of lighting. There are many options to choose from these days, with a wide range of spotlights and modern wall lights. A floor lamp with a strong silhouette adds character and strength to a room. Even fluorescent lighting need not always be cold and distant. The industrial style suits people who like rugged and sober, spacious and clear. People who would rather store something out of sight than put it on display, and feel comfortable with rough, real materials and are not afraid to make a statement with their interior.


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