Mediterranean lifestyle

The roots of a Mediterranean setting are located in the South-European countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea; Italy, Spain, Greece, southern France and Turkey. Due to the fact their position near the sea the dominant colours for this style are blue and white. Other colours that come back often are orange and red which is widely used in the terracotta pottery and ceramic tiling. Mediterranean colours like yellow, green, lavender, purple (aubergine) and brown are inspired by nature and the hilly landscape you see in the southern European countries.

A Mediterranean region is an eclectic mix of cultures, hence the furniture can vary from rustic to design depending on the country. Many pieces will be made from unrefined pine wood and finished with simple iron. If you want a more traditional atmosphere, then you could use more sophisticated furniture with carved details, polished hardware and dark wooden finish. The walls are plastered by hand so that they have a rich and deep texture and can be used either for the exterior or the interior of your home. In case you want to plaster the outside of your house, it’s good to know that Spanish and Italian plastered homes use yellowy and terracotta coloured plastered, whereas Grecian houses usually have white plaster combined with blue window-frames. When it concerns the surface of the interior, this can easily be brought to life with mosaic or a warm shade of paint. For the ultimate Mediterranean atmosphere mosaic should definitely be brought into your home! Mosaic is an ancient art form which can be found in many countries around the Mediterranean Sea and are nowadays applied to many different things like furniture, flooring and accessories. The pattern of a mosaic may be exactly like the landscape or even the very opposite. Or it can be an image of still-life. If you're not very creative and not very eager to design your own mosaic, then a mosaic pattered wallpaper is a great alternative! Another way of transforming your house into a Mediterranean atmosphere is softening the doorways by placing arches. Not only do they attract attention through their form and details, but the underlying floor also doesn’t go unnoticed! The furniture and accessories in a Mediterranean setting symbolize the architectural beauty and simplicity of this style. Real highlights are the terracotta pottery and stone carvings that won’t turn you house into a chaos, thanks to their straightforwardness and simplicity. Bronze or copper jugs and vases also fit very well in this style. The use of wrought iron is very popular, because it is useful to use it for railings, lamps and fireplace screens. A dark wooden floor or tiles are epiphany of the Mediterranean style. A rug can be used to add some colour and playfulness. Flowers, fresh or dried, add a colourful element to your home and are also very nice.


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