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Oriental: To give your home an oriental character, you don’t necessarily need to work with Buddhas and incense. The Chinese Feng Shui and Japanese minimalism will fill your home with an Oriental flair! With the right accessories, materials and furniture this style will express itself in harmony and balance. The key to harmony and balance is a conscious space allocation and use of the typical natural materials such as stone, wood and bamboo.

The Oriental style is very pure and radiates peace and balance and is closely associated with the elements water, fire, air and earth. In addition to these elements which are easily applied in your home, you can use many shades of grey, white, black in combination with accents of brown, red, purple and green.


The Oriental style has two subcategories, namely Eastern Japanese en Chinese Eastern.Less is more the term covers a myriad of Japanese interiors. Japanese style goes back to basics and is characterized by finesse and subtlety. A Japanese interior implies simplicity and clarity but also pays attention to detail. The colour palette is fairly limited, the main colour is predominantly white paired with black, white and gray. If you choose this style, it’s wise to start off with combining the furniture you already have with Japanese ornaments such as tatami mats, pillows and small furniture made of raw silk in the colours light ash or dark birch. You mustn’t forget bamboo!Because of its hardness this plant can be used for different things, like chairs, filing cabinets and tables. Plants don’t just add texture, but also artistic expression. Bonsai trees are very suitable! .  
Want the same kind of atmosphere and still go looking for something else? Then perhaps the Chinese style is more suitable for you. Choose colours like deep red, brown and black that will bring a warm and mysterious note to your home. Also, jade green, ochre and blue sapphire are typically Chinese colours. These colours match very well with velvet, leather and silk.


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