Romantic living style

No matter where you live, in a city apartment, a farm or a new home, creating a romantic setting in your house is suitable anywhere!

Vibrant colours and lush floral motifs show us that the romantic lifestyle is back. Wooden floors reflect nature but carpet symbolizes softness. Rest and subtlety are the basics in a romantic decor. Every room starts with a neutral colour, then come the decorative forms, great designs and the more striking colours like pink, purple and blue. The room should express a dreamy, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Flowers and candles enhance the romantic feeling at home.

A benefit of the romantic style is that the house is filled with a palette of soft and warm colours. The furniture is a combination of old and new, exotic and indigenous. For a refreshing change in your home you can combine design furniture with baroque styles. Baroque furniture with their exuberant decorations might be a little too much for your home, but it's easy to temper them by painting them white. On the other hand, designer furniture can be done up a little with colorful upholstery.

A dining table can become a real eye-catcher by decorating it as minimally as possible, but at the same time very glamorous. This can be achieved by colorful glassware, shiny cutlery and a tablecloth made of organza. The example of a romantic bedroom is white: because everything here comes down to the materials, textures and fabrics. Leaving out colours makes you see what the bedroom is all about en exudes a certain degree of nonchalance. The fact that furniture looks like it has been put together randomly contributes to the air of carelessness. In order to keep a peaceful feeling in the bedroom it's a good idea to stick to one color which you of course can apply in different shades. A canopy is the essence of romance, but a bed with a mosquito net above it is a fabulous alternative! An old or homemade quilt gives that extra comfort to the your room. A zinc bath tub on legs ensures that romantic feeling even in the bathroom. The comfort aspect translates itself into big, soft towels and beautiful accessories. An Oriental atmosphere is also a good starting point for a (new) romance interior. It consists mainly of wood and warm colours and offer just that bit of extra appeal in your room.


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