Everybody knows what an architect is, but for many of them it still remains unclear whether you really need an architect (and if so, when) and which working areas require his involvement. Does an architect merely tell you pretty tales for a considerable fee?

Should I consult an architect if I'm redecorating my house, or is that a ridiculous thought?

As for the price, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all and it often covers the costs for a great deal and most of the time it’s really worth the money. In some cases it could almost be possible for a layman to equal the knowledge, experience and creativity of an architect. In other words: Even in case of a quite simple reconstruction, if an architect has participated for about an hour, you’ll often recognize the results of his participation in the final results of the project. An architect makes it more beautiful, ensuring it becomes something special.

Novo has its own in-company architect, but also cooperates with other architects. We can recommend some of them from the bottom of our heart. Please contact us and we will be glad to refer you to the most suitable architect for your project.

Among others we cooperate with: for private renovations, group plot construction as well as business and hotel projects (Amsterdam). for private as well as business projects (Amsterdam). a somewhat smaller architecture firm for private as well as business projects (Amsterdam).



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