Livingroom advice

Livingroom advice

The wall
Plain plastering is all the rage once again! For a long time, ornamental plastering, such as elastomeric finishes (coarse sand/pebble dash) and other putz flex finishes and (spray) putz flex variations have been the popular choice. Initially, ornamental plastering was introduced on the market as an alternative and also because it was considered to be better quality than ordinary plastering. However, later on in the nineties, it continued to be popular because cheaper varieties of it came onto the market too. It was precisely these cheaper varieties that made people realize that this ornamental plastering was not everything it was cracked up to be and this has resulted in the return of the traditionally plastered wall. Plain plastering is classic in style and the advantage of this is that it is timeless and in fact always acceptable. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain (which is virtually impossible with elastomeric finishes [coarse sand/pebble dash]) and simple to repaint (in a modern colour, for instance), which is also impracticable with elastomeric finishes [coarse sand/pebble dash]).

Wall sockets: during renovations, it is also often advisable to check the number of wall sockets required and to reposition them, if need be. A good analysis of the room (sitting area, dining area etc.) and the equipment that is to be used in these areas will tell you how many wall sockets are needed and where they should be placed. Bear in mind that often more equipment will be added in the course of time. Therefore, it is better and more advisable to have more wall sockets placed than you think are necessary at the time of renovation.

The ceiling
There are various types of ceilings depending on when the building was constructed. Sometimes old buildings still have splendid, decorative features. In many cases, Novo is able to restore these features as far as possible to their original state. Many modern houses (dating from the seventies) have spray putz flex on their ceilings. This can often last for many years and it can be maintained or freshened up with a coat of paint. Yet sometimes people decide to plaster these ceilings and make them smooth. The effect, especially in combination with the plain walls, is usually magnificent. But bear in mind that a smooth ceiling has a shadow effect, which is far less discernible in spray putz flex ceilings (because the grains on the ceiling disperse the light in such a way that the shadow effect is less obvious).

Further, there are of course lathed ceilings, wooden ceilings and a wide range of prefabricated ceilings also available in synthetic materials. Sometimes these ceilings can be restored, however, they are usually removed.

The floor
Nothing determines the style of a room as much as a floor does. And there are also so many different tastes, so many styles. Of course, there are many different types of floors and coverings, such as stone/tiled floors, wooden/parquet floors, linoleum, cork, laminate and carpeting. And, in turn, all these types of floors and coverings are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. What suits you best depends largely on the type of building itself, how frequently the floor is to be used and also your personal taste. That is why it is wise to consult several flooring specialists to get the best advice. You can search for the most competitive prices on the Internet. Here is a tip to save money: invest more money on a floor that will be used frequently and spend less money on a floor that will not be used as often.

Comfort tip: Opt for underfloor heating if you have stone or tiled floors.

Novo lays tiled floors, parquet, laminate and carpets on a regular basis.


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