Toilet Advice

Toilet Advice

A wall hung or suspended toilet is not only attractive to the eye, but it also offers you the opportunity to keep it clean with a minimum of fuss (in particular underneath the toilet), making it extremely hygienic.


Pay special attention to the following:
Hanging system: we strongly advise you not to economize on the hanging system for your toilet because the entire toilet is suspended from it. Bathrooms and toilets, even if they are behind the wall, remain damp areas with an increased risk of corrosion. The hanging system comprises a metal frame on legs, which could therefore rust through or give way if it subjected to a heavy weight or children playing around. For these reasons, it is advisable to opt for a high-quality frame, such as those produced by Geberit, because these frames are manufactured from extra thick metal and they also have an excellent anti-rust coating protection.

Limescale resistant ceramic fixtures and hygienic fixtures: here, too, it is advisable not to economize! The better brands of toilets (Villeroy & Boch, Sphinx etc.) offer these options. Limescale resistant ceramic fixtures are easier to clean and you also economize on cleaning products. However, more importantly, these fixtures are much more durable. With small children around, it is comforting to know that the toilet is always hygienic thanks to the self-cleaning properties of the processed silver ions. For further information, please visit these website:

Toilet seat: consider a Soft Closing and/or Click System:
Soft Closing: ever since its appearance in the television series, “Het Blok”, the toilet seat that gently goes down has become very well-known thanks to the attention “Brad and Tobias” paid to it. Yet it is nothing new. Nonetheless, it is a fine system that prevents that irritating clatter of the toilet seat.
Click System: with one touch, the toilet seat goes up or down. That means it is easier to clean!

The washbasin
Washbasin: when selecting the washbasin for the toilet area, make sure that it is deep enough for you to wash your hands comfortably and easily.
Drainage: Novo can ensure that the drainpipes are placed inside the wall. This, in combination with a design siphon, looks very neat and attractive.

What tiles are the best tiles? In terms of hygiene and certainly when you have small children, it is wiser to go for a smoother tile with a minimal seam. Furthermore, dark tiles make room seem smaller, so that wouldn't be wise to do for a small place like a toilet. But a little contrast is always needed. 


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