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Who is Novo? & What can Novo offer?

Novo is a small to mid-sized contractor offering a unique formula in its approach in the Netherlands.

We serve the private home improvement market and the business market. Our services for the business market focus on offices, hotels, restaurants, retail, healthcare and childcare. We help our private clients on projects ranging from apartments to fully detached villas.

We’re not really a company in the traditional sense, but a system, a network as it were, that works closely with its clients to complete fantastic projects that achieve the best value for money. Our passion in life is bringing beauty into your home, office, hotel, etc. Our goal is for you to become our next Ambassador!

We follow our formula to the letter, and have been using our unique approach for 15 years. We streamlined our system at the start, cutting out unnecessary overhead in our company. And you’ll see the benefits of that rigorous approach!
We don’t have any secretaries, office managers, receptionists, tea ladies, or even administrative staff or estimators. We keep strictly to our core competences and outsource everything else.
Our staff architects and interior designers are the initiators of the term BIOMA (read more about the concept at

We work with a reliable network of Slovakian subcontractors who have over 10 years of experience on the Dutch market and are experts at working in the Novo system, in which the client collaborates closely on their own project. In essence, the client is a fundamental part of the Novo system. Obviously, our management team will support you wherever necessary.

We specialize in complete renovations involving complex structural interventions. Opening up load-bearing walls and changing the floor plan, extension, roof extension, addition. Replacing or reinforcing floors. Replacing glass façades. Completely stripping and upgrading electricity, wiring and plumbing. These projects are often far more complex than building a completely new home or office; when everything is built from the ground up, it’s much easier to control all the factors.

Novo is a member of Bouwend Nederland ( national association of Dutch building and infrastructure companies) and we have the most extensive insurance coverage in the event of accidents. We are required by European law to offer at least a two-year guarantee on all our work, but our guarantee extends well beyond that minimum requirement.

Novo selects its projects and clients based on suitability and the best possible fit. After all, every hitch in the system costs all of us money, and we prefer to keep things streamlined wherever possible.

Our areas of expertise cover the entire spectrum of what you need to do a complete renovation. See more details below:


Types of work in the business market

Novo has extensive experience and expertise for complete and complete remodeling and renovation on a wide range of building types, serving the business market as well as the home improvement market:

Where does Novo work?

Novo works throughout most of the Netherlands, in a radius of about 1 hour from Diemen by car (including traffic congestion). That means Randstad region-plus. In a circle from north to south, the limits of our area of operation are approximately: Heerenveen, Deventer, Nijmegen, Den Bosch, Rotterdam.

Here are a few of the projects we have completed at various locations throughout the Netherlands:

How Novo works

    1. You request a viewing
    2. We come to see what work needs to be done (no obligations)
    3. You purchase your own materials (we do not make any profit on that!) – or have us do it for you
    4. You are in charge of the project management – or have us do it for you
    5. Novo arranges competent, specialized builders at low costs
    6. Novo verzorgt voordelig de specialisten uit de bouw
    7. You save up to 40% compared to traditional construction companies

Way back when, we started out with just one ad on MARKTPLAATS.NL, but we’re still the best deal for your larger renovation projects!

Want to bet that we’re more cost-effective than other contractors? We’d be happy to come to your location and give you a cost estimate (no obligations). Request a viewing now and receive a free ebook on how to choose a contractor.

We will contact you within 24 hours!

We have a unique IKEA-like concept in which our clients are closing involved in purchasing materials and managing the project, ensuring they have lots of control over their own renovations. As a result, we end up being a lot cheaper (30%+) than other contractors. But we are also a reliable contracting company, member of Bouwend Nederland (the national association of Dutch building and infrastructure companies). Offering more than 10 years experience and over 1000 completed projects, we deliver guaranteed quality. More than 60% of our clients come in through referrals, and our former clients are our ambassadors.

Novo has a small management team of construction engineers and project managers who guide and support our clients during their renovations and building projects. Thanks to our staff architect, we can handle all sorts of complex renovations.

To keep our prices low, we cannot accept projects worth less than €20,000. When we work on large-scale construction or renovation projects, we can bring in a larger team to speed up the process.

  • Do you want to build an extension?

    Do you need to add the finishing touches to your newly built home?
    Are you looking to remodel a house or villa?
    We serve the business market with renovations and remodels for hotels, restaurants, offices and retail.


Novo has already completed over 1000 projects for satisfied customers. Their success stories include a wide variety of projects, from luxurious villas to city apartments. The projects vary from a simple bathroom installation to complete remodeling of new buildings, as well as the finishing touches on newly built homes. We also serve the business market, doing projects for hotels, guest houses, offices and stores. Our clientele is equally wide-ranging; we work for lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, marketing experts, sales managers, etc. The client references provided on at the bottom of our ad are also worth checking out. Glowing references for our unique approach are also provided on the TROS RADAR FORUM. For more references about how we work, see the quotes at the bottom of this page.

References – quotes

All the finishing touches on a newly built house in Amsterdam
“We had Novo do all the finishing touches on our newly built home. We had initially hired a different (Dutch) contractor who left us with a huge mess and a lot of misery. Novo was a tremendous help to us and sorted out all the restoration and finishing work in a most professional way. The work included installing the bathroom and toilet, removing faulty tiling and installing new tiling floors on 3 levels of the house, plastering and painting the entire interior, installing new wiring in various parts of the house, hooking up telephone, cable TV and internet connections, installing and repositioning radiator, moving walls/doors, and making custom-built cupboards. All this had to be done in a house that still contained all of our possessions.
Novo is a huge help, obviously, but it still takes quite a lot of time to coordinate the Novo workers and purchase the materials needed for the work. But considering the result, it was more than worth it. Novo and their workers contribute a great deal to the brainstorming process during the renovation, work incredibly hard, and have lots of knowledge and experience. The final result is very close to perfect, and the minor shortcomings that were discovered later were resolved by Novo free of charge.
Long story short, we are extremely positive about Novo and will definitely ask them again for future renovations. We wholeheartedly recommend them.
Karan & Juan”
More references are available under our ad on

Tros Radar Forum:

“I’ve had years of experience with NOVO. They’re head and shoulders above the competition in all ways. They did our whole house years ago. I got to know the owner and others on that job, and now I’m having them do a project for us again. These people clearly have a completely outdated work ethic: they work long and hard, and are always very helpful and friendly. That’s been a while in the Netherlands… Don’t think twice, just do it. You’ll always be better off, and it will cost less too.”

Go to the TROS RADAR FORUM to read more references about our work.

Novo: a unique formula in the Netherlands

  • Our website shows how we work with a unique IKEA-like concept.

    Various references are provided on this page.

    • Do you want to build an expansion or extension?
      Do you need to add the finishing touches to your newly built home?
      Are you looking to remodel a house or villa?
      Would you like to estimate how much it would cost? Check out our cost calculator!

    We serve the business market with renovations and remodels for hotels, restaurants, offices and retail.
    Please feel free to contact us

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    Novo Renovatie® and Novo Bouw® are registered trade names of Novo Nederland BV, a contracting company registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, commercial register number 34371241.



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We look forward to working with you as well! Together, we will make your dream come true.

We would be happy to come visit your location and estimate the costs, free of charge.
We will contact you within 24 hours.

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