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Tips for the living room

The wall

Plain plastering is all the rage once again! For a long time, ornamental plastering was the popular choice: elastomeric finishes (coarse sand/pebble dash) and other putz flex finishes and (spray) putz flex variations. Initially, ornamental plaster was introduced on the market as a better-quality alternative than plain plastering, but it remained popular well into the 1990s as cheaper varieties of this approach became available. It was precisely these cheaper varieties that made people realize that this ornamental plastering was not everything it was cracked up to be, resulting in the return of the traditionally plastered wall. Plain plastering is timeless and basically always acceptable. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain (which is virtually impossible with elastomeric finishes) and simple to repaint (in a modern colour, for instance), which is also impractical with textured finishes.

Tips for the bedroom

Layout of the bedroom

Take the time to decide on how you would like to furnish your bedroom. Once you’ve decided which direction you’d like to sleep in (facing which side? facing the window or the door?), the rest of the bedroom can be arranged more easily. Once this has been established, you’ll know where you want to put your bedside tables and therefore where the wall sockets must be positioned, and how high. You will probably also know where you would like to put your TV and therefore where the TV connection point must be positioned.

Tips for the kitchen

Novo regularly installs kitchens for customers, although we prefer not to do so – especially if you are planning to have an expensive, high-quality kitchen. In that case, we always advise you to have the kitchen installed by the company where you purchase your kitchen. That company will then be liable for all damage and loss, and it will be much easier and more convenient for you to deal with a single point of contact, rather than having to run from A to B if something goes wrong. (Can you just imagine what the kitchen salesman would say if the oven that Novo had installed wasn’t working?).

Tips for the bathroom

The bathroom is an important room in the house to many people. It is the perfect place to freshen up, relax and pamper yourself. Although we don’t spend that much time in the bathroom every day, it still needs to be a room that is comfortable above all else. Even if your bathroom is small, with careful planning, it can still be optimised to suit all your preferences.

Tips for the toilet

A wall-hung or suspended toilet is not only attractive to the eye, but it also offers you the opportunity to keep it clean with a minimum of fuss (in particular underneath the toilet), making it extremely hygienic.    

Tips for the attic

Creating rooms

Attics are often nothing more than a place to store boxes and old junk. And that’s a shame! Novo can help you transform your attic into a completely usable living space by creating rooms.


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