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Remodeling question

How much does it cost to build
a complete home extension?

The customer process: from contact to contract

  1. Orientation through friends/family or Google
  2. Initial contact through Novo website
  3. Evaluation of the request
  4. Personal contact & site viewing
  5. General cost estimate from Novo within one week
  6. Discussion of the project at the Novo offices
  7. Contract
  8. Project can start within 2 weeks

The renovation proces

The renovation process follows set procedures. It generally involves consecutive processes that need to be completed in sequence. The better the planning is, and the fewer surprises in the overall project, the faster it will be completed.

  1. Demolition
  2. Breaking through walls & installing steel beams
  3. Replacing/installing glass façades and window/door frames
  4. Side extension/top extension
  5. Building walls for redesigning floor plan
  6. Wiring and pipes: electricity, water, drains, gas, central heating, underfloor heating
  7. Closing walls, floors and ceilings
  8. Plastering
  9. Painting
  10. Floors & tiling
  11. Installing kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom
  12. Lighting

Novo constantly monitors progress on the projects and coordinates with the workers and you, the customer, so that everyone always knows where we stand and what the next steps are. We ensure that the right workers are available at the right time so your project can be completed as smoothly as possible, within the shortest possible time frame.

Novo’s unique formula allows customers to arrange all the purchasing themselves and handle project management for their own project. That obviously also means that the customer has responsibilities: if the bathtub hasn’t been delivered yet, the plumber can’t install it! If customers prefer not to source some materials themselves (e.g. basic construction supplies), Novo will handle purchasing of those materials.

Novo’s unique low-cost formula:

We are delighted with how smart IKEA’s formula is! They offer low prices by delivering exactly what the customer requests for low costs, and saving on what the customer does not want. They also do business directly (no middlemen) and facilitate customer participation, which are important reasons why they can offer their products for lower prices.

Novo has introduced a similar formula for remodeling and renovation. A key aspect of Novo’s partnership formula is that the customer takes on the role of the contractor: We call that ‘self-contracting’.

That’s not the same as DIY, since our customers aren’t doing the work themselves. In a ‘self-contracting’ partnership, the customer handles the planning/arrangements/purchasing, but the actual work is done by the independent subcontractors at Novo.

Essentially: as a Novo customer, you purchase some of the materials and handle some of the project management on your own renovation project. Novo can be one of the firms hired by the customer, along with other specialists as needed.

Of course there is a team leader present on every project, who is your contact throughout the project. The team leader is in charge of the work and talks to you about how the work is progressing. ‘Self-contracting’ gives customers complete control of how their money is spent. You decide where you want to invest in quality and where you would prefer to economize.

When renovating existing buildings, there is always a risk of unexpected setbacks. Customers are fully liable for any unexpected setbacks; this is the only reason why Novo can offer you low prices.

The Novo formula at a glance:

As a Novo customer, you purchase some of the materials and handle some of the project management on your own renovation project
• We work on the basis of an open cost calculation
• We guarantee quality on all the work done by Novo
• The customer is liable for setbacks


There are some types of work that we don’t do:

Part of our low-cost formula is that we limit our risk and focus on what we do best. That’s why there are certain types of work we would rather not do and prefer to have specialists do them. Like placing dormer windows (although we will finish them off once they’re in place) and we do not place or install kitchens (however, we do prepare all the groundwork, such as ensuring that water pipes, drains and wiring are positioned according to the kitchen supplier’s plans).

What happens next

If our way of working appeals to you, you can fill in the request form on our website. Of course, we require your contact details plus certain particulars relating to the building that you are planning to remodel or renovate. Based on that information, we will contact you to arrange a viewing of the building or discuss your sketches/ideas.

During the viewing, we will estimate the costs and project duration (how many days or weeks it will probably take to complete the work). To do this effectively, we will take a tour of the premises together and assess each project separately. We will then come to an agreement on when the job can be started, how soon the work needs to be completed, and whether or not there are any accommodation facilities for the workers.

More than half of our new customers find us through recommendations by satisfied customers!
We can offer more than 1000 references throughout the Netherlands.
We work throughout the Netherlands, but prefer to work in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Leiden, Amersfoort, Almere, Hoofddorp, Purmerend, Amstelveen, Veenendaal, Hilversum, Bussum, Naarden, Zaandam, Huizen, Diemen, Breukelen, Maarsen, Abcoude, Oudekerk aan de Amstel, Loosdrecht, Vinkeveen, Uithoorn, Meidrecht, Aalsmeer, Lelystad.


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We look forward to working with you as well! Together, we will make your dream come true.

We would be happy to come visit your location and estimate the costs, free of charge.
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