Colour; it seems so simple, but it's a very delicate matter. Colours depend on fashion trends but are also related to personal taste.

Just like the weather, colours are one of the most important influences on a person’s mood. Colours can determine the atmosphere and mood in your home, so it’s important to choose carefully!

A well-chosen colour is in harmony with the other colours in your home, such as floors and decorations. The colours have to fit in with your interior and living space and they can highlight the best of your home or if necessary distract from what is less beautiful.

What are the effects of different colours? Red is known for stimulating the appetite. That's why you often see red in restaurants. At home red can be perfectly used in the dining area. Red also brings warmth into your home and can bring cosiness into the living room. Please note that red can be quite a dominant colour. Red should be used in a very limited way, so it's advisable to have just a touch of red in your home.

Yellow and orange are colours that represent energy just like the sun. These colours are suitable for rooms with little light. Just like the colour red, yellow and orange are colours that are able to bring cosiness into your home.

Blue on the other hand brings peace and serenity to your home. Therefore, it can be used in bedrooms for example. But blue can also be used to paint a study or workplace! Because blue gives your home a feeling of coolness, this colour is often used in southern countries.

Just like blue, the colour green can bring peace and relaxation into your house. Green has traditionally been used to symbolize nature and its embodied attributes, namely those of life and rebirth. It gives a natural feeling and calming effect. Especially suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Besides the fact that colours are great for creating an atmosphere, colours have great influence on determining a sense of space. In general, light and pale colours make a room seem larger. Bright and dark colours on the other hand, make the space even smaller. People are generally inclined to paint the dark walls white assuming that these become more light. Though this has not always the desired effect. White walls in a dark room looks very cold and often grey. It is better to use warm colours in a dark room, as red and light yellow.

Looking for pictures of your interior colour? Check out for inspiration. This site shows many interiors in all colours. See what suits you best.


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