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Tips for the bathroom


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The bathroom is an important room in the house to many people. It is the perfect place to freshen up, relax and pamper yourself. Although we don’t spend that much time in the bathroom every day, it still needs to be a room that is comfortable above all else. Even if your bathroom is small, with careful planning, it can still be optimised to suit all your preferences.


  • Factors to consider
    There are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing your ideal shower. How much room you have will determine the size of your shower cubicle or walk-in shower. There are many showerheads and nozzles available. And there are also many different types of water jetting systems to choose from, such as the ordinary jet, the massage jet and the rainshower. You can opt for one or more of these special water jet nozzles, to be built in or as an added accessory, in showers that can be adjusted in height or not, or in showers that have energy-saving and water-saving options.
  • A shower base versus a walk-in shower 
    (easy drain) Some people prefer a shower base, but a nice walk-in shower doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive. And you can finish it off beautifully with a wide drain, the ‘easy drain’, over the full width of the shower. It also looks nice, since it appears to be a single unit because the same tiles are used throughout. However, make sure that the tiles you choose are not too smooth or slippery.
  • The ideal dimensions of the shower
    Dutch houses are often narrow and rather small, especially in the cities. That is why, in the past, bathrooms were often considered a very low priority. However, these days, a good, functional bathroom is increasingly prioritised, and the shower is especially important. That is why the standard average width of the shower has risen sharply, reaching a new standard of 90 to 100 cm wide in recent years. Treat yourself to a spacious shower. After all, you use it every day!


  • Pretty or practical?
    When you’re choosing tiles, don’t just think about what looks nice. Also consider more practical aspects like cleaning and maintenance. Mosaics made of tiny tiles may be very pretty, but they’re much harder to keep clean than larger tiles. Larger tiles don’t use as much grouting, and the seams between the tiles aren’t as deep.
  • How far do you tile?
    The current trend is to tile up to about 1.50 meters. However, we advise you to tile all the way to the ceiling, especially if the bathroom does not have a window.  The main reason for this is ventilation, because even though ventilation has improved greatly, plastered walls in a closed bathroom are extremely vulnerable. Furthermore, a bathroom that is tiled from floor to ceiling is much easier to clean and maintain. Also bear in mind that bathroom interior designers like variety and change in their work, so they themselves can set the trend of tiling from floor to ceiling as opposed to tiling halfway up the wall. This trend can be compared with the fashion of the mini-skirt: if the economy is poor, the skirt is short (tiling only halfway) and if the economy is better, the skirt is longer (tiling from floor to ceiling). And purchasing more tiles simply costs more.
  • Tiling large areas versus small areas
    Large tiles create a spacious effect. If you still decide to use small tiles (mosaic) in the bathroom, use them preferably in areas that do not get dirty so quickly or use them for a decorative effect.


  • Sometimes you might think, OK, fine… a bathtub, what is so special about that? And yet even bathtubs are undergoing a complete revolution. They range from modern jacuzzis to old-fashioned clawfoot bathtubs. If you buy online, you can purchase a beautiful bathtub for a couple hundred euros.  If you decide on a jacuzzi, before you buy it, remember that it does make noise, and consider carefully how often you would actually use it.
  • Acrylic versus Quaryl: these days, many baths are being manufactured from a type of plastic (acrylic) that is “compressed” into a mould. This method only yields round shapes. With “Quaryl”, quartz sand has been added, resulting in contrasting crisper edges. See also


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